As well as standard products we offer a design and manufacture service that enables you to take delivery of a product that precisely meets your needs.

We also offer a 'Repairs & Alterations' service which can be anything from a complete rebuild to just a patch. This service for is available for all products, Hooklift Roll on Roll offs, skips both open & enclosed, RELs FELs, Bottle/paper/rag banks, stillages etc. about us page.

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Gileskips have created a proud reputation for the all round performance of this essential product.

Durability and availability are the watchwords.
Bespoke specials are available to order.

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Roll-on Roll-off Hook-Lift

The Roll-on Roll-off is the mainstay of industrial applications.

Gileskips are one of the leading Skip Manufacturers in the UK and manufacture to CHEM standard guidelines.

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Repair and Refurb Service

Repaired Waste Containers allow our customers to extend the working life of their stock prolonging customers opportunity to earn from it. Do you have Skips, Roll On Offs or Waste Containers that suit your waste and recycling requirements perfectly but are no longer earning you money due to damage? Gileskips Manufacturers Ltd can Repair and Refurb them.

It is sometimes frustrating when otherwise serviceable waste containers develop problems;

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We manufacture a full range of REL [Rear End Loading] Chain Lift Skips available in sizes ranging from 8 cubic yard to 12 cubic yard capacities. REL metal waste containers can be manufactured to include a variety of openings and apertures.

REL waste containers are used with rear end loading vehicles but also work with chain lift equipment.

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We manufacture a full range of FELs (Front End Loading) Chain Lift Skips available from 2 to 10 cubic yard capacities. Can be manufactured to include a variety of apertures.

FELs are the choice solution for easy one man collections.

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Food Waste Bio Bins

To suit a customers need for a completely sealed, fully enclosed, secure & robust food waste storage and handling unit.

These units can be manufactured in various sizes & styles to suit customers specific requirements in both cost & use. Manufactured with a side to side center pole sheeting system which are available in various colours.

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Bespoke Metal Waste Containers Manufactured To Your Specification.

Gileskips have manufactured, built and produced an array of bespoke metal waste containers to achieve our customers specific requirements.

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Tarmacadam Bodies

For those businesses wanting to transport warm materials such as Tarmac & Asphalt from plant to site, Gileskips fabricate & manufacture a Tarmacadam / Asphalt Insulated Body to be used with Hook Lift Equipment, built to a Standard Specification [Length, Width, Height] or possibly to suit your requirements [Call Us!].

Gileskips can manufacture a Tarmacadam Body to suit CHEM T.S.13 (HL5) up to CHEM T.S.8 Type 20 (32 Ton GVW / Big Hook).

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Crane Liftable Skip

Available from 2 to 12 cubic yards. Used for Site Movement with both skip load vehicles and Tower / Portable Crane Units.

Comes complete with individual lifting test and certification per unit. Meeting general on-site health and safety requirements.

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Liquid & Sludge Storage Tanks

Liquid Storage Tanks are manufactured to meet our customers specific requirements with various capacities available to suit individual needs. Liquid Storage Tanks are built to specific industry standards using Plate and Steel sections that conforms to BS EN S275 and BS EN 43A.

Tanks provide you with a level of storage and protection not offered with other products.

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Bespoke Stillage Manufactured for Industry are a New Addition to our Range and a Prime Example of Gileskips Manufacturers Ltd adapting to meet our Customers Needs and Requirements.

We are keen to help customers in this regard and intend to make Gileskips known as one of the leading UK Stillage Manufacturers. Bespoke Stillage can be used for the Storage and Transport of Industrial Components.

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Easy Discharge Walk In Skip

Gileskips manufacture and fabricate an Enclosed Easy Discharge Walk In Skip in 12 & 14 cubic yard capacities. Enclosed Easy Discharge Walk In Skips are used mainly for the transportation of Special or Hazardous Waste such as Asbestos.

Walk In Skips are built using 4mm Plate on Base, 3mm Plate on Sides, Ends, Doors & Roof.

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Drop Side Body

For those businesses wanting a product to do more than one job, Gileskips Manufacture a Multi Purpose Hook Lift Dropside Body to a Standard Specification or we can manufacture to suit 32 Ton GVW / Big Hook

We can manufacture to suit CHEM T.S.13 (HL5) upto CHEM T.S.8 Type 20 (32 Ton GVW / Big Hook).

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Recycling Containers

We offer Recycling Skip Containers for chain lift and hook lift systems.

Recycling is a growing concern in the world today and is becoming ever more important in industry. Industrial, Agricultural, Household and General Recycling Waste needs to be dealt with in a professional, economic manner

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Skip Container Spares

Gileskips Manufacture and Fabricate a wide range of Skip & RoRo Parts & Spares for all the different types of Metal Waste Containers we make. Gileskips Parts & Spares can also be used to Refurb & Repair the majority of Metal Waste Containers out in the market place.

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Glass Recycling Units

Recycling glass is big business these days. The UK currently recycles around 50% of container glass (like bottles and jars). Glass is usually collected in Bottle Banks at recycling centers based at civic amenities sites & most supermarket car parks.

Gileskips Manufacturers Ltd produce a range of top quality presentable Glass & Bottle Bank Skip Units that come either as a complete internal open compartment or supplied with internal segregation panels that are fully lockable to create 3 compartments, generally for brown, green clear glass and bottles. Complete recycling bottle bin units comes with a fully enclosed top, top hinge tipper style rear door with lockable handles. Generally supplied with Six bottle insertion holes complete with Rubber Gaters but additional apertures can be manufactured if required. Can be fully painted in your company colours in BS or RAL paints and we can arrange for your logo to appear via our Signage Service as stencil or vinyl graphics.

RoRo Spare Part
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RoRo Container Spares

Sometimes a simple part on a Roll On Roll Off container fails and all you need to do is replace it. As one of the leading metal waste container manufacturers we have access to all component parts:

Parts displayed are; 1. Lifting Bale Bar; 2. Locking Door Arms; 3. RoRo Wheels (Supplied Complete or as Parts); 4. Locking & Pivots Bar (various diameter & length available); 5. Retaining Locking Channels; 6. Rope Hooks (both weld on & bolt on); 7. Locking Bar Profiles; 8. Heavy Duty Door Hinges (Nyloc Nuts & Bolts with Grease Nipple); 9. Door Retaining Brackets; 10. Locking Hooks; 11. Goal Post Mounting Plates; 12. Ratchet Locking Device; 13. Door Retaining Straps; 14. Secondary Door Locking Pin Box; 15. Secondary Door Locking Pin & Chain.

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Plastic Lids, Doors & Windows

For those businesses wanting a weight efficient cover for Skips and Roll on offs Gileskips Manufacturers Ltd fabricate Multi Purpose Plastic Lids, Plastic Doors and Plastic Windows.

We fabricate and sell Plastic Lids to suit many different skip types and roll on roll offs. Comes in a range of colours. Plastic Lids are used by waste and recycling companies to protect the load both when stationary and during transit.